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PowerShift® lets you set it and forget it

PowerShift® is a program that shifts some of your electricity use away from "on-peak" hours. When the temperature reaches 27°C and/or the humidex rises to 30°C on weekday afternoons only, your central air conditioner, electric water heater and/or swimming pool pump will be automatically cycled down, reducing the amount of electricity they use during this time. To participate, you must be an existing participant in peaksaver PLUS®.

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Why is this important?

Under Ontario’s Time-of-Use pricing for electricity, during the summer, mid-afternoon weekday hours are “on-peak” when electricity costs are highest. PowerShift® is a "set it and forget it" way to reduce usage on hot days. PowerShift® will only be activated on weekdays and never on weekends or statutory holidays.

Going green? PowerShift® is a great way to start.

In addition to reducing your electricity use, you can feel good about signing up for PowerShift® because you’re also helping our environment.

PowerShift® helps flatten our critical peak electricity consumption periods. During these periods, when electricity demand is high, we sometimes have to use power generated from less desirable fuels that cause air pollution. So by reducing your electricity use, you’re doing your part to reduce emissions caused by fossil fuel electricity generation.

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If you're not yet enrolled in peaksaver PLUS®, you aren't eligible to sign up for PowerShift® at this time. The peaksaver PLUS® program is now in maintenance mode. A new program is expected to launch in the future.